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PALS Home Health cares for children in their home that are medically and technologically dependent.

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PALS Home Health

We are dedicated to providing individualized and exceptional pediatric home health care in a safe, warm and loving environment based on integrity, honesty and trust.


We specialize in pediatric home health private duty nursing for children that are medically dependent.

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We provide private duty nursing (PDN) for TMHP Medicaid and Managed Care Organization (MCO) Medicaid patients.  We also provide respite private duty nursing (PDN) for the Medically Dependent Children's Program (MDCP) administered through TMHP and various MCO's.


Home Health PDN services are for medically and technologically dependent children between birth and 20 years old prescribed by a
Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Private Duty


Medically Dependent
Children Program




Leadership team years of home health and healthcare experience

Texas counties in our service area.

MCO's and insurance plans accepted.

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